City of Angels Ballet - TakePart

For the tenderfoot, Los Angeles is 500 square miles of concrete, suburban sprawl, rough edges, and an ocean somewhere out beyond the haze. In the city of circumstance, players need discipline, stability, and grace to succeed.

To get their footing, they seek out Mario Nugara. 

With support from nonprofit City of Angels Ballet, young dancers escape some of the city's most challenging strips for an evening of art and form in Nugara's small studio oasis. There they find a seasoned mentor, poised by years of perfecting balance, dedicated to paying his craft forward. 

Friction gives way to rare beauty, whether it be in the form of a diamond, a roaring cliffside, or a dancer defying the streets of Los Angeles. For 17 years, and for over 30,000 young lives, City of Angels Ballet and Mario Nugura have set the stage for transformation. 

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